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Kentucky Board of Specialists in Hearing Instruments

Board for Specialists in Hearing Instruments
Kentucky Administrative Regulations

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201 KAR 7:010 Definitions.
201 KAR 7:015 Fees.
201 KAR 7:020 Educational and health qualifications of applicants.
201 KAR 7:025 Trial period for remade, remanufactured, or substituted hearing instruments.
201 KAR 7:040 Examinations.
201 KAR 7:050 Identification, proof of licensure.
201 KAR 7:070 License renewal.
201 KAR 7:075 Continuing education requirements.
201 KAR 7:090 Unethical conduct; code of ethics.
201 KAR 7:100 Procedure for processing complaints.
201 KAR 7:105 Hearing procedures.