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Kentucky Board of Specialists in Hearing Instruments

Board for Specialists in Hearing Instruments
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 334.010 Definitions for chapter.
KRS 334.020 Requirement of license or permit.
KRS 334.030 Requirement of written agreement, offer to purchase, or receipt -- Contents -- Right to cancel -- Delivery statement -- Solicitation provisions.
KRS 334.040 Exemptions from application of chapter.
KRS 334.050 Qualifications of applicant for licensure.
KRS 334.060 Examination not to include degree of competence required of physician or audiologist -- Examination of applicants to be given at least annually.
KRS 334.070 Scope of examination.
KRS 334.080 Issuance of license -- Reciprocity -- Qualifications of applicant holding master's degree in audiology.
KRS 334.090 Apprentice permit -- Training stages -- Renewal of permit -- Sponsorship of apprentices.
KRS 334.100 Licensees' and apprentices' duty to notify board of location.
KRS 334.110 Renewal of licenses -- Fee.
KRS 334.120 Complaints -- Procedure -- Disciplinary sanctions -- Prohibited conduct.
KRS 334.130 Forgery, fraud, deceit, collusion, or conspiracy concerning licensure prohibited.
KRS 334.140 Kentucky Licensing Board for Specialists in Hearing Instruments.
KRS 334.150 Powers and duties of the board.
KRS 334.160 Meetings of board -- Officers -- Disposition of fees -- Compensation.
KRS 334.170 Office of Occupations and Professions to provide assistance.
KRS 334.180 Reinstatement of license -- Appeal from order refusing, suspending, or revoking license.
KRS 334.190 Exception to examination for license -- Qualifications.
KRS 334.200 Requirements for sale or fitting of hearing instruments.
KRS 334.210 Client's right to cancel -- Procedure.
KRS 334.990 Penalties.